Getting started with fantasy sports on Knight11 is super easy. Follow these easy steps to get started:


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Select a match

Choose a match you would like to play.

Create a Team

Create your team from the two teams within 100 credits points.

Choose your captain and vice-captain

Choose a contest

Choose a from a wide variety of contests available.

Track your Score and Winnings

Keep check of your score on the leader board. Once the match completes check your Winnings!

Which Players to select to create a fantasy game?

Select players from the playing XIs of both the teams. Edit your team after the announcement of playing 11 (replace any player not playing in the match).

There must be at least 4 players from each team.

A maximum of 7 players can be selected from one team.

Select the minimum number of players required from each department. Your team must include at least 1 wicketkeeper, 1 batsman, 1 all-rounder, and 1 bowler.

How to win fantasy sports on Knight11?

Winning in a fantasy sport requires skill, patience, and persistence. A careful selection of players is crucial to creating a match-winning team. Fantasy cricket requires you to create a team of 11 players, including batsmen, bowlers, wicket-keepers, and all-rounders.

You can leverage our dedicated news/blog sites by reading the daily match predictions and understanding the pitch conditions, knowing the weather reports, past performances, head-to-head results and much more.

Play fantasy sports and win Daily Cash Prizes

Fantasy cricket is not just about luck or punting and picking a star player to score big for you. In order to score more points than your opponents, you need to read the game well, look at past statistics of the players, the pitch reports and then find those who will be the difference and give you an edge.

You start by picking players from the various categories (wicketkeeper, batsman, all-rounder, bowler). You have to vary the combination based on the type of teams that are playing, the playing conditions, etc. (whether it is batting or bowling friendly). After that, the important part is to choose the correct captain and vice-captain because they give you 2x and 1.5x points respectively.

Your analytical skills and research will come into play in figuring out that one player that can be a difference in giving you more points over your opponents. Always look at how points are given out for certain actions, for example: a direct hit run-out or a bowler who takes 3 wickets in a game. Check out the points scoring system on Knight11.

Your fantasy team will earn points over the course of a game and you can keep tabs on the leader board throughout to see what your rank is. Once the match is over, the results will be declared and if you are in one or more of the winning positions, you will win cash prizes. You can withdraw your cash winnings with ease.



Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports itself defines that user can enjoy playing the game with virtual teams using real players statics. Fantasy Sport in World has grown multiple times in recent years, including the app-based platforms as well as the users. So just don’t only watch your favourite sports, be a part of it by making your own virtual team with knight11. Take your love for the sports to the next level with fantasy sports app knight11.

Why to play fantasy sports?

But what makes fantasy sports so interesting? Why has it become so popular with sports lovers? Here are some reasons for the ever-growing popularity of fantasy sports.

Power to Select Your Own Players

One of the best things about fantasy sports is the power to create your own team by picking the best players from two opponent teams. You can use your knowledge of cricket / Football / Baseball / Kabaddi and player’s form to create the best team and watch them winning the match.

Cash / Giveaways Prizes

Fantasy sports games are wildly entertaining. They not only amp up your sporting excitement but also bring a sense of achievement as you can win real money in the form of cash prizes in cash contests. Make sure to understand the fantasy sports scoring system before playing cash contest.

Exciting Matches 24x7x365


Cricket / Football matches are happening 24x7x365 around the world. You can create your own virtual teams for different matches and leagues taking place all around the world at your finger tip.Choose a from a wide variety of contests available.

Bragging Rights

You can showcase your cricket / football skills and knowledge of the sports and earn the right to brag in front of your friends and colleagues!